Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink Velvet Makeover

Week 5: Wait? What happened to Week 3 & 4?

Hey, try orchestrating a nude contest, signing up contestants, photography, promotions & advertisement all the while trying to keep a business running in the midst of capturing the influx of traffic by staying put on a dance pole while you meticulously reconstruct the entire premises you just demolished from scratch.

That's right. We destroyed the original Pink Velvet and constructed a new one. Why, oh god why?

First off, we've been having a blast. The main thing is that we're having fun and meeting some of the most interesting people we have met on here in the process. Everyone and everything is great. However, by the end of the third week, i had been perusing around the lot sniffing out superfluous prims and contemplating what might be done about the lag we were experiencing when we peaked past 17 avatars. The club which housed rooms Pink & Velvet as well as extra poles had been sitting there for over two weeks, jealously watching the front yard capture all the club activity and standing in the distance, kicking a can, "Why does front yard get all the girls?"

At about 600 prims, the club lay on the grass pretty fat and useless, really getting none of the action. Though the plan we had called for an eventual shift of the Elite to the internal premises of the club, thereby manifesting a physical exclusivity to the club, we realized the architecture of the site did not in anyway have to be used to establish this. The separation was becoming pretty resounding in just how the girls were presenting themselves as well as in the obvious consideration they have for each other.

It occurred to me to simply knock down the club. The girls were enjoying the open air, and why not simply make the whole place exposed to the wind. If we did so, it would give us an excellent opportunity to integrate it more as a dance club as well, an aspect we'd regretted not focusing on more the previous time we raised the area in under 3 days. But then i thought, that plan was just crazy enough to get us all killed. My partner, Eri Michalski, would never go for it. Alain would probably dishonor me and have me banished. About 12 hours later, Eri is sending me an IM: "I think we have to get rid of the club. I noticed the front yard is more popular anyway. We should go all open air... and get us all killed." The fact Eri and I had the same idea right around the same time was confirmation enough for me that it needed to be done. Off to Nagoya it was and sadly i had to leave the place to the girls for a couple of days while i layed the foundation down for this project.

One a side note, on the day before Eri and i decided to destroy the original Pink Velvet, the traffic to our property peaked at a little over 10,000. To us, it was quite signficant that we had achieved in just a tad over two weeks. Still, to be harshly critical, we were using techniques that aided the inflation of that number as we were aware that Second Life uses a complex algorythm to calculate exactly what traffic is. Traffic needn't meant that your site is popular, simply that, for some reason people are on it for extended periods of times. So we removed these elements as well in reconstruction and now we are going to do this the honest and barebone way. Regardless of tactic, though, 10,000 is really nothing to sneeze at.

Now that we are pretty much starting all over again, we did want to take the time to thank the girls that have continued their presence quite vigorously on the premises, even throughout riding this rough bump Eri and I had to iron out. At the moment, we are once again already approaching 5000, which puts us on the halfway mark of our previous high. We're very confident that this number will continue to escalate as time progresses.

So we'll leave you all with a video someone sent to me recently. Not sure who posted it or even made it for that matter, but it really made me laugh. It has a bit the old Pink Velvet in the background, so i suppose there is some sentimental attachment there for us. Whoever it was, they had a great sense of humor. Here it is featuring Elites Prince Qendra and Jane Verne. Enjoy!

Double Pole Snapshot: Opticat Rhiadra & Misticia Moonwall

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink Velvet Launches Elite Core

Week two: These past few days have been very engaging. Among a ton of background work, Eri Michalski and i have diligently selected the first batch of what we call the 'Pink Velvet Elite'. These are the lead dancers and escorts which we have faith will pave the way for subsequent generations. There have been a slew of freelancers coming in through the our main entrance asking for applications. It's not that we have had to turn any down as we would love to tag everyone willing. Pink Velvet is branding. Simply put, we are seeking for a certain flair and obviously a degree of consistency in those interested. So into the freelancer pool we dipped and pulled 10 very vivaciously sensational and voluptuous girls.

Generation 1: The Top 10

Opticat Rhiadra
Dancer & Escort

Su Moleno

Isis Renfold

StormySky Melody
Dancer & Escort

Cherry Madruga
Dancer & Escort

Lilith Roxley

Renesmee Abeyante

Katalina Foxclaw
Dancer & Escort

Jane Verne

Princess Qendra
Christine D (Not Photographed)

And off we go. Eri and I would like extend an sincere thanks to everyone who has passed by and complemented us not only on the club, but as well as the girls who work there. We will be picking another 10 to feature throughout the rest of the month and the next. Hopefully, if the place doesn't burn down from the heat these put out we will be here in February to spotlight the next 10 new girls. Until then, enjoy some of our double pole snapshots.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Strip Club Opens in Second Life: Pink Velvet

Well, it was bound to happen. What happens when you mix a club, skyboxes, two ex-strippers with an entrepreneurial stroke of inspiration and a Japanese investor who stands silent on the sidelines much like the baddest opponent in a lightning-fast martial arts melee... waiting his turn to combat the protagonist? More on that later.

Right now, let's talk about Pink Velvet. Seems often when a business like this opens up in real life, you have the surrounding vicinity up in arms. Think about the children! Too bad real life can't sort territories into conveniently themed and packaged quadrants such as the islands in Second Life. When the owners of Pink Velvet opened their doors this past weekend, they really weren't worried what the surrounding neighbors of Eliza (Mature) would think of them. "What's there to be worried about?", said founder and co-owner Eri Michalski. "Nudity is beautiful. Why should it be a bad thing to take that and combine it with one of the best forms of expression, dance. We're a dance club. We're a strip club. We're an escort club. We're here to stay."

Indeed. With one a very exquisite looking edifice garnished with some pink and velvety, lavish external dance booths complemented with curvacious and sensually voloptous women in glittery stilletos, you have quite a lethal recipe for slaying more than boredom. "Any person that wants to come here to simply hang around and spend time is welcome. We haven't been through the first week and already we are getting some of the most pleasant people we've met to date", commented Misticia Moonwall who's one month birthday in Second life is marked tomorrow. "I met Eri trying to earn some money in a strip club. We both realized how truly insane the other was and so Eri dug up Alain and we decided to team up."

Inside, the club has an eerie yet sweetly reminiscent glow of a classier strip joint. Scattered poles across the bar supplemented with dance stools; men sitting in a corner with a private stripper and an upstairs for the shiftier mob type avatars who seem to be plotting their underground operations. Though they won't be at all disturbed in the slightest when you pass them up on your way in to 'Pink' or 'Velvet', which are the rentable rooms the escorts in this club may opt to take a client. "We have rooms with sofas, rugs and chairs, all containing over a hundred combined options for very sensual sexual positions" commented Michalski when asked what goodies where hidden in the room. We challenge you to try them all.

In addition, Pink Velvet seems to be hosting an assortment of rentable Sky Boxes, all varied in theme. No, these are nothing like the skyboxes you and your dad fantasized about sitting in during a ball game. In Second Life, there seems to be a whole aerial culture of architecture refered to as Sky Boxes or Sky Condos. With regards to Sky Boxes in Pink Velvet, you will find their structures very well thought out with much rhyme and reason. There is a single room for the romantic, a Japanese single and even an Orgy Room as titled by the teleporter one would step on to be transported.

In all, the club seems to be taking the term strip and escort in a different direction than one may typically be used to. Mud wrestling events, wet t-shirt, portrait and nude photo contests, even installing a Play Pen area for those consenting adults who don't mind having sex out in the open in front of others. "This is nuts", said manager Clairalouise Magic "I don't know what these people are doing, but i have to stick around to see what happens in this purple asylum. We invite you to stay for the ride." When we asked the key investor, Alain Erin, as to how long he intended to run Pink Velvet, his single one worded response and cold gaze towards the watery horizon delivered quite cleary, "Years".

"We just want everyone to come here, be themselves and be free. There's no shame in nudity or sex. Come celebrate avi beauty with us, come celebrate avi life. Afterall, in the end that's all everyone in here really is. So what the heck", commented Moonwall as she hopped on one of the poles and began her number.